Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's take a walk around the block due to the problems that Blogger has encountered the past two days , this post was deleted for some unknown reasons, and I know it happened to some of you as well. Naturally, I felt angry, but I post it again and if you want to leave comments, I will appreciate it!



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Welcome, wedges into my wardrobe! I adored their braid-like details and the shimmery color that gives a great effect on the outfit as you can see below:









Worn here with my new sheer shirt, I really love that fabric. The wedges cost mostly nothing they were from a local little shop here, and you know I thought they look incredible and why not take them home? I just don't like snob people who avoid these low profile stores just because they can afford only high-end fashion brands. I also took out my Gothic ring, which is one of my favorite, bought in my high school Gothic era, I still like this kind of jewelery.

There is a big different between this outfit and the previous one, much more ladylike and vintage inspired. I don't know why, I guess I like to experiment. Which one do you preffer?

Wearing: Terranova pants, Stradivarius blazer, vintage belt, brooch and bag, no name wedges, thrifted shirt, Agatha rings

I hope Blogger won't cause any more troubles..