Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tell me if she laughs or cries, Blow away dandelion..











I received macarons for my birthday! Oh I was so psyched, I wished for a long time to taste them, and they are indeed crunchy and creamy and yummy! The chocolate and vanilla flavor are my favorite. I had quite a lovely time on my birthday, my friends and I gathered for a barbecue in the woods, the weather was great. I am not much of a party girl, so this was a great way to celebrate my 21st Spring of my life.
These photos were taken yesterday, my boyfriend and I went for a walk, and although it rained that day, it was quite warm; also we saw "Water for Elephants" - I was so curious about the movie since I read the book and I was amazed by it - and it reached my expectations, it's well put together, and the circus life has always fascinated me for some unexplained reason.
Now I am off for another day in the city.
Take care darlings!

Wearing: Sprider dress, Mondex tights, vintage shoes,belt and bag, no name T-shirt and jacket, Meli Melo headband, mother's necklace.