Friday, July 22, 2011

In the Fields of Gold










I sometimes have the fantastic urge to create photos that make me slip into reverie and yesterday I walked along the river and found this beautiful scenery, the place immediately attracted me and this is the result of our "bonding," so to say. I am wearing a old blazer, I think I have it since the 7th grade, and my mom's old jumpsuit (it seems lately I am borrowing my mother's closet and wearing my old clothes - is this a sign that I need to go shopping?) Anyway, I must say haven't been too productive these days, all I do is walk, read, sit on terraces and drink frappes. And it is so great!
I want to salute all my blogger friends back in Bucharest, I know they are having the best time together now, I so wish I could be in two places at the same time!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wearing: Random brand blazer, mom's jumpsuit, Mei shoes, Army of mice bag, Meli Melo and Accessorize rings.