Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There was once a playground









Sorry for the delay, but I have been quite busy these days, I spent a little time with my mother, shopping in thrift stores (didn't find much though ) getting my hair done and catching up with a friend. It's quite chilly here and most of the time it's cloudy, I sure hope it won't be like this until Fall, for I have brought a lot of summer clothes. This is what I managed to wear today, the day was both warm and never know how it will turn out. Also, these photos were made near my block where I used to play with my neighbor friends; now it's just deserted, there is no kid left there. Quite melancholic if you ask me.. Let' see what I will be up to these days, for now I am relaxing and waiting for a trip..
Enjoy your week!

Wearing: dress/top received from a friend, New Yorker shorts, random brand oxfords, Stradivarius blazer, vintage bag and belt