Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Neo-Classical Silhouette


Have you often dreamed of traveling in the past in a certain era and feel all the history sorround you? Have I ever had such dreams? Countless times. When I see an old photograph of the city I live in, I start to reconstruct a certain image with people walking in the streets, old cars and beautiful fashion with extravagant hats and feminine silhouettes; I often do that when I am near a historical building, but due to all the cars, modern pavements and hustle around me, it's difficult sometimes. I am such a nostalgic person that likes to live in the past..
Here I am at the Romanian Athenaeum, one of the most beautiful landmarks in Bucharest.


The silhouette in the Neo-Classical period resembles very much with a column: high waisted skirts or dresses, simple, long, without the excessive crinoline, and as for the top, women opted for short jackets or blouses, and the fabrics were such as muslin, very thin, soft and with just the right amount of softness. I didn't necessarily tried to remake the silhouette, let's just say I was swept away by a dream..








Wearing: vintage blazer and bag, Insense top, self-made skirt, Stradivarius shoes, Kittenhood earrings.