Friday, December 30, 2011

Currently Craving: Loafers

 (images via IngrigueMeNow, Alicepoint, Cocorosa, Lovely Pepa)
A couple of months ago these shoes seemed really ugly to me, but right now they are the only option I can think of for days when you wanna look chic and stay on your feet for a long time, plus they work great with both pants and skirts! I drew up a loafer wishlist down below, maybe you'll find it useful, all of these shoes are very affordable. I have to confess I already ordered a pair of black River Island loafers, now I have to choose a more funky and colorful version.
From left to right:

1. River Island Animal Print Chain Detail Slipper - $38.18 
2. River Island Black Chain Detail Slippers - $38.18
3. TOPSHOP VECTRA3 Studded Slippers - $56.00
4. TOPSHOP MADISON Leopard Print Loafers - $64.00
5. Steve Madden CROQUET PURPLE SUEDE - $69.95
6. TOPSHOP MONSIEUR Metallic Trim Slipper - $60.00
7. Jeffrey Campbell Hardware Loafer - $172.21
8. Miista Standing on Stardust Loafer - $128.13