Thursday, December 22, 2011

In the Christmas Spirit


I have arrived in my hometown a few days ago in the middle of winter, and only today I managed to snap some photos since yesterday was a full day of thrift shopping! Here I am wearing one of the several items I have found, this sweater-dress with an amazing color, in a perfect state! I decided to do a little color block and how else can I achieve that other than with my blue satchel and in contrast with a big red chunky scarf? Very Christmassy.
I can't believe there are two more days to go until Christmas Eve, I am so excited! I still haven't started decorating, oops!






Just so you know, this is how frozen the weather is here, I almost fell about 7 times today on the icy pavements; this is the most annoying part about winter, honestly.


Wearing: thrifted sweater, Mondex tight, Leonardo boots, New Yorker satchel, Georgia scarf, vintage belt