Monday, January 16, 2012

I breathe vivid colors









A stray doggie wanted a bit of attention, isn't he cute?
And who said I can't wear crazy colors in winter? The trends? It's of course cool to adopt them, if you are harmonized with that trend, otherwise people will feel that it is not YOU behind certain clothes and textures, but that is the thing: some do not consider that and adopt every single trend that is given by or or Vogue, so they can be fashionable, but recently there are too many to choose from so to me it's a bit seems like everything is in fashion these days!
When I saw last season's main trend -color block- I thought yes, finally fashion resonates with me, and then every blogger and fashionista was wearing vivid colors, because someone told them it's ok to do that, and then I felt like almost disappearing in the mass, so at some point I ended up hating that trend. And of course once you wear a certain piece now, the next year you should bury it in your closet and forget about it for let's say..5 years.
So I want you to tell me now, if you see me in colors in winter, does it mean that I am not fashionable anymore?

Wearing: thrifted sweater, self made skirt, Botinelli shoes, Mondex tights, New Look bag, vintage belt, random brand coat.