Monday, January 30, 2012

It's warmer in the freezer..


You probably can't tell, but the weather is simple freezing! Everything is frosted, the pavements are trapped in ice, so naturally it's impossible (at least for me) to walk in heels without concerning breaking my ankles. To do thus, it would take me 2 hours instead of the normal 30 minutes to get back home. And I do miss my heels, boo! Hope the weather changes rapidly in Spring.
As for me..exams are knocking on the door, and I have a few projects to work on, so I am still very busy.






And my cat which hypothetically it's named Zola, but I don't actually call her that way at all.
She is the most adorable naughty being ever!


Have a wondrous week!

Wearing: thrifted sweater, New Yorker shirt, Only pants, random brand boots, Meli Melo bag.