Saturday, February 11, 2012

Frozen Poppy

It seems I am into red lately, I tend to wear everything in a certain color until I get bored. Not it's passionate red's time'; and who knows what lovestruck awaits me later on?
I am supposed to pack for my short vacation back home, but I am currently blogging and watching bits and pieces from Fashion Week. In about thirty minutes I will make myself some pancakes, I am in NEED of them even at this hour and maybe, just maybe I will start packing then (I always do this)
I am in need of a good relaxation but alas, I have to think further about my graduation collection, so more work to be done.
I am wearing here a dress that it is perfect for me in my opinion, even though I am almost bored of dots, this one has subtle ones on it and the red-black combo is definitely in my taste!







Have a wonderful Sunday my gems!

Wearing: MiniPrix coat, Glow dress, Mondex tights, Milano bag, vintage bag, random brand headband