Friday, March 2, 2012

A little piece of Heaven


Yesterday I met with my blogger friends and spent a lovely afternoon in a magical place, I have never been to before, a place that really took my heart. You know my passion for old furniture, and fashion, in general, the aesthetic that belongs to a distant epoch, in which I long to exist even for a few hours. This place, called Thomas Antiques is the perfect place to do just that. It is a shop and a caffe every table and chair distinguished from another because they are for sale and this is what makes this place so interesting. Every saloon is filled with so much history, all that remains is you to imagine, like me, what it was like to live back then and to reconstruct parties, sophisticated ladies and beautiful dresses. I am often said that I live in the past..but that is just the melancholic version of myself . I'll let you enjoy the pictures now:








With Sandra and Eve, and below with Laura:


Definitely, a piece of Heaven, is it not?

Wearing: vintage dress, Botinelli shoes, Mondex tights.