Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fake Tattoo Dilemma

I have never been a tattoo person, even though I really like other people's ink, I could never see myself getting one. The thing is, I change my mind so quickly I would inevitably end up regretting it or wanting to change it.  

Trying out temporary tattoos though seemed like a fun idea, especially because I was able to see myself with a tattoo that I can wash away whenever I want to. This got me thinking, would it be appropriate to change tattoos like we change accessories, wear this one with that dress and that one with this top? What do you think? This sounds very fresh to me, I'll definitely give it a thought.

Seize The Day temporary tattoo - FAKE TATTOOS
Rings - H&M
Matte white nailpolish - Barry M (similar ones here and here)

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