Thursday, May 10, 2012

New In: Accessories

Hey guys, I'm back! Had a very hectic couple of days that involved lots of working, shopping and traveling. Will post some fun outfits a bit later, but right now I'm getting ready for my Spanish class and leaving you with a quick post with a couple of new things that rocked my world this Thursday. Hope you're having a great day!

1. Asos backpack (similar one - here). The color is so much brighter in real life! Took it to a train ride to another city, I almost forgot how it feels not to carry all your stuff in your hands, definitely getting more backpacks this summer!
2. A cute spiked neon ribbon bracelet from Asos
3. A yellow rubber watch I got as a gift. Perfect with the yellow backpack.
4. Asos Haste leather sandals I managed to snatch on sale. Super comfy, I'm thinking about getting them in white as well.
5. Bershka sandals and perspex clutch. Shopping at Berska took me about two minutes, I came, I saw and I conquered :)
6. An awesome clamp bag c/o VJ-style - definitely something my bag collection was missing. Can't wait to take this baby out!
7. A sheer shirt in nude that's gonna be perfect for the summer!

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