Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Highlights


 A simple outfit can always be "saved" so to say, if you wear statement jewelery or just lots of accessories. Now, I don't normally wear jeans, or I am trying to not wear them too often, nor do I have a passion for minimalism, but I wanted to show off that new necklace and the bracelet which were hand made by Adriana Delia Barar, also known as "B.A.D." She is quite talented and I begun a new passion for these breaded jewels, so naturally her designs caught my eye! You can check out her work HERE and HERE.

 P.S. And what about the earrings? A new treasure from True Vintage, simply love at first sight ! 






Thank you Adriana for these wonderful little wonders! 
Wearing: Zara shirt, Next jeans, B.A.D necklace and bracelets, H&M golden bracelet, no name sandals, vintage bag and earrings.