Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Cravings: Fall Must Haves: Sweatshirts

When summer comes to an end I always have those mixed feelings, when you don't want it to get cold again, yet you get excited at the thought of shopping for warmer clothes  to accommodate the change in weather. To me, summer is all about heels, flowy fabrics, short shorts and cropped crops, while fall is all about getting cozy, so dressing for the colder months can be quite challenging, because cozy doesn't always mean stylish. On top of my list of fall essentials is a sweatshirt, being the perfect fall piece that looks amazingly chic and can be styled in so many ways. 

Just look at how these ladies rock a simple gray sweat!

(images via Sofi's Snapshots, A Portable Package, One of Each Blog, My Blomquist, Atlantic Pacific, Tumblr) 

My search for a perfect sweatshirt has so far resulted in this:

1. ASOS Sweatshirt With Stud Detail - $17.03
2. Vero Moda 'L' Slouchy Sweatshirt - $27.25
3. Johann Earl Letterman Sweatshirt - $59.61

2. A Wear Panda Jumper - $42.58

1. Lot 78 Crew Neck Bleed Polaroid Sweatshirt - $110.70
2. ASOS Heart Elbow Patch Jumper - $37.47
3. ASOS Star Front Jumper - $51.09