Friday, August 3, 2012

The perfect contrast





This is another skirt I recently found in a thrift shop, it's about 3 sizes bigger than mine but with a belt it's just perfect. And what better way to wear than with a purple top? The color contrast is delightful, one of my favorites, even though I don't usually wear it.. And look, I even match the nature! I had no idea there were those flowers in that place, so it was a pleasant coincidence. 
 I received some wonderful goodies this week and I can't wait to show them to you, but I will be leaving for the weekend in the mountains, so no phone reception, no Internet, but lots of fresh air and I am sure it will do me good. Can't wait! 





Wearing: thrifted skirt, Zara top, vintage bag, H&M gold and beaded bracelets,and Blushing Goodies navy blue bracelet, Deichmann shoes, no name earrings