Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Trip to Istanbul

Hey guys! Hope you're having  a great day so far and thank you so much for all the sweet comments to my previous post! As you're reading this I'm boarding my plane back home and my vacation in Bulgaria is officially over. 

I'm leaving you with these shots we took on Monday during our trip to Istanbul - a city of contrasts and a truly amazing place that I'll never forget. Must do's: entering the Blue Mosque bare legged, eating fried chestnuts and corn right on the street, getting lost at the Egyptian market and fighting the temptation to buy that oh-so-real-looking Falabella bag, overeating lukum and overdrinking strong Turkish tea, taking a boat trip down the Bosporus channel and trying not to spend your week's budget in a day. If you've never been to Istanbul, I strongly recommend visiting, just remember to cover your legs! ;)

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