Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lucky Fabb// Rachel Zoe Clip

{meeting some great bloggers pre conference}
{free make overs - wahoo}
{Lauren Conrad}
{Rachel Zoe}
{Roger and Joey}
{Lucky Fabb Look} Jacket: Zara // Top: Zara // Leather Leggings: Paige // Pumps: Michael Kors// Necklace: ILY COUTURE


If I already didn't love Rachel Zoe, my admiration has only grown. 
Here is a link video clip from her talk at Lucky Fabb:

{double click on it to open in new screen to make it bigger}

Rachel also talked a lot about how you treat people. 
She said it best:"Being mean never puts you ahead"

It is so refreshing to see someone so successful, so honest and humble. Hope to have the honor of listening to her speak again.

And on fashion note.... her necklace was AMAZING!! I want it. BAD.