Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MAGAZINE COVER: Zhao Lei on (Malaysia) August Men, November 2012

Model: Zhao Lei (Wilhelmina)
Magazine: (Malaysia) August Men, November 2012
Photographer: Chiun-Kai Shih
Stylist: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Unknown


Happy Halloween!


We never celebrated Halloween in a proper way, but this time my boyfriend surprised me with a very sweet evening. I just returned from the city and I found the whole house covered in candle lights and Halloween sweets and pumpkin shaped nuggets and such; with a splash of spooky, yet funny music courtesy of It's so fun! 


 These are very gooey and they taste like bubblegum!



And we have a black cat now! Muahahaaaaaa sss33 

We are listening to howls and creepy violins right now and we are considering watching a scary movie later on. 
 How are you celebrating?


Miss Anna - Les Tuileries - paris

hebergeur imagehebergeur imagehebergeur image

      Miss Anna - Editor for NSMBL Magazine - Les Tuileries - Paris
      Suit by Dagmar
      Top by Pinko
      Cap by Marc Jacobs
      Shoes by Plomo
      Photos by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Miss Aurore - Le Marais - Paris

hebergeur image

     Miss Aurore - Journalist - Le Marais - Paris
     Cap by Ted Baker
     Knot belt by Pieces
     Top Vintage
     Bag by Tsumori Chisato
     Shoes by unknown

     Photo by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

New In: Straw Cap

 ASOS Straw cap with pom

Head gear is so not me, but hey, I'm open to experiments, especially when I see such an awesome piece at such a ridiculous price. Will show you the rest of this outfit a bit later, right now I gotta go run some very urgent errands.

P.S. If you have a spare minute, please vote for me in the Chicnova Photo Contest. It would mean the world to me, plus several lucky voters will have a chance to win $20 to $50 freebies.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AD CAMPAIGN: Sun Fei Fei for Diesel, Fall/Winter 2012

Model: Sid Ellisdon (Wilhelmina) & Sun Fei Fei (Women)
Ad Campaign: Diesel, Fall/Winter 2012
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Marie-Amélie Sauvé
Hair: Guido Palau
Makeup: Pat McGrath

Source: zinio

Miss Elena Perminova - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

     Miss Elena Perminova - FW - Paris
     Photo by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Stylish Lens Serie - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

     Miss Crystal - Stylish Lens Serie - FW - Paris
     Photo by Fred - Easy fashion Paris


Top: c/o Walmart (online only) also worn here
Denim: GAP
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Target
Bag: c/o Gigi New York

White can easily be confused as a seasonal color, but you can really wear it any season. Just pair it with something winter-ish (sweater, beanie, etc) to bring it into season.

Tomorrow's Halloween! Who's dressing up?!

Look of the Day: Autumn Greens

Going barelegged at the end of October is risky and I only recommend doing it if you know for sure you won't be spending more then 10 minutes outside, at least that's how I do it. Have a great day, everyone!

 I'm wearing:

Jacket - Sheinside
Sweater - Asos (similar ones here and here)
Dress - River Island (really old)
Boots - Kelsi Dagger (sold out in green, but some sizes still available in black and cream)

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Monday, October 29, 2012

EDITORIAL: Kiki Kang in Vogue China, November 2012

Model: Kiki Kang (Supreme)
Editorial: Spring Carnival
Magazine: Vogue China, November 2012
Photographer: Unknown
Stylist: Candy Lee
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Daniel Zhang


Miss Ulyana Sergeenko - Les Tuileries - Paris

hebergeur image

     Miss Ulyana Sergeenko - Les Tuileries - Paris
     Wearing chiffon shirtdress and hand-knitted angora and silk dress by Ulyana Sergeenko
     Photo By Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Miss Elena Perminova - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

      Elena Perminova - FW - Paris
      Photo By Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Total Black Look - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

     Total Black Look - FW - Paris
     Photo By Fred - Easy Fashion Paris


Wedge sneakers: Pink & Pepper | Jeans: Minusey { also loving these ones } | Shirt: H&M { other options here & here } | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  { different colors here & here } | Watch: Michael Kors |   Rings: mini bow & glitz bow via Ily Couture | Spike bracelet: Cara

I would like to start by announcing the winner of Albeit Jewelry International Giveaway. Congrats to Alison from StylingMyLife, hope you love the necklace as much as I do!!!! 

Having laid eyes on a pair of wedge sneakers for the first time, I knew right away this was the shoe for me. Comfort, style and my favorite shade of purple, ummm..., yes please! How comfortable are they? Well, I took them on a 5 mile hike to Malibu today and have to report that my feet are still in tact! Other parts of me, not so much cause I'm so rusty, but no purple toes or blisters:) 

Gotta say, Emil and I used to go hiking all the time, but over the past year we've become a little lazy, so this was our first proper one in at least a few months. Certainly was an eye opening experience, I pretty much assumed that running a few times a week will keep me in a fairly good shape. Boy was I wrong! The back of my legs was burning as we were walking up a steep heel. By the time we got back to the car we were absolutely exhausted! Naturally we can't wait to do it again, so the plan is to do a 10 mile one next weekend. Let you know how that goes:)

P. S. I've gotten so many emails about these cute bow rings, I though I should talk a little bit about them on the blog. They are from Ily Couture, a brand I absolutely adore and wear all the time. In terms of fit, they are true to size and the glitz bow ring is adjustable, which is pretty convenient! You can find them HERE

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Keep on smiling,

Miss Barbara Von Enger - FW - Paris

hebergeur imagehebergeur imagehebergeur image

     The Incredible Barbara Von Enger - Art Advisor-Creative Director - FW - Paris
     Atelier Haldenwang
     Vintage Coat by JP Gaultier
     HandMade shoes
     Vintage sunnies by Chanel
     Vintage Necklace (20')

Crocodile Sunnies - Opéra - Paris

hebergeur image

    Crocodile Sunnies - Opéra - Paris
    Photo by Fred - easy fashion Paris

Miss Elena et Miss Miroslava - FW - Paris

hebergeur image
     Elena et Miroslava - FW - Paris
     Photo by Farid - Easy Fashion Paris

Miss Anne-Catherine et Miss Peony Lim - FW - Paris

hebergeur image
     Anne-Catherine et Peony Lim - FW - Paris
     Photo by Farid - Easy Fashion Paris