Friday, October 26, 2012

I've stepped into the dark side


 Oh yes, my bright red hair has cooled down and turned into a burgundy shade (or wild cherry if you want). It was about time I changed it, even though I wanted a lighter shade for about three months.. more like a rusty color, the temperatures outside made me chose this hue instead, and you know what? I am super happy with it! It was quite a shock to see my hair this dark, and I will probably miss my crazy red in time, but after three years you have this bitter-sweet feeling of change. In the sunlight it's still red, but in a certain light it looks purple! Crazy.
We took these photos up on a rooftop, near a restaurant called Havana, it has this amazing view over the whole city from every angle, it's just beautiful! I said "I have to take some photos here!"
It's finally Friday, yohooo! Make the best of it  lovelies.









Wearing: mother's old sweater, gifted  skirt, Deichmann boots, New Yorker tights, Meli Melo necklaces and bag