Thursday, January 31, 2013

MAGAZINE COVER: Tian Yi & Wang Rui for (HK) Manifesto Magazine, November/December 2012

Models: Tian Yi (Fusion) & Wang Rui (Major Paris/Calcarries HK)
Magazine: Manifesto Magazine #9, November/December 2012
Photographer: Liang Zi
Stylist: Jonathan Yee
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Unknown


Pause from work

yayo5 yayo6 yayo1 yayo2 yayo4 yayo3 

 It felt like Spring today, the sun was shining so beautiful, but there was melted snow everywhere, puddles and mud. Horrible. And I remember that two nights ago it snowed so beautifully, everything was white..Strange. 
Can't take too much time, I have to work, so, see you soon! 

 Wearing: New Yorker shorts, thrifted shirt, Stradivarius blazer, Bershka coat, Deichmann boots, vintage bag, Parfois turquoise rings, H&M other rings.



Paita - Zara | Housut - Lindex | Korot - Weekday | Sormukset - H&M

Tänään päälle pääsi mukavin paita, jonka omistan! Uusin tulokas vaatekaapissani on ollut päällä viimeiset kaksi päivää enkä millään malttaisi pukeutua enää mihinkään muuhun. 

Nyt mä syvennyn viimeistä kertaa tällä koeviikolla pänttäämään ja huomisen jälkeen tää helkkarin ylivoimaiselta tuntunut kouluviikko onkin finito. Ajatukset pyörii jossain ihan muualla.

Breakfast. Coffee. Pancakes

Top. Zara // Denim Top. F21 (old) similar here // Denim. Zara // Kicks. Target
Sunglasses. Karen Walker // Bracelets. ILY COUTURE & ILY COUTURE c/o

So you have probably seen that thing going around Instagram where you write 5 random facts about yourself. I am too slow at typing on my phone so I thought I would share a little more about myself for my bday. 

1. Up until 8th grade I was the hugest tomboy. Loved basketball and football. I got first place at the punt, pass, kick competition in like 3rd or 4th grade for throwing (ya I beat out all the boys). My best friend Brittany and I were convinced we were going to be the first girls in the NFL. We would play catch in the yard for hours. 

2. I knew the first time Cody held my hand he was the one. Butterflies like nothing I could ever explain. It was crazy.

3. I secretly wish I was black. I love African American girls style. The swag and sassiness. Love it.

4. I love when someone tells me something can't be done. I will find a way to make it happen, thrive on challenge. 

5. I am deathly afraid of sharks, but for some reason I have it on my bucket list to swim with them. My fear has gotten worse recently to the point I have anxiety about going in the water where I can't see the bottom. We went swimming a couple years ago and I thought I saw a shark and started freaking out. I froze and started crying. My dad had to swim out and get me (come to find out it was just a rock). Might not be checking that one off the bucket list!

Thanks so much for reading!
Hope you all are staying warm :)



Mun piti tulla moikkaamaan jo eilen, mutta kuvat eivät suostuneet latautumaan. Nyt näyttäis toimivan :) Odotin koeviikosta kiireettömämpää, mutta tuntuu että juoksentelen koko ajan hirveessä kiireessä. No eipä se mitään, ensi viikolla on kaksi ylimääräistä vapaapäivää aikaa hengähtää. 

Toivottavasti tänään sää sallisi asukuvien oton.

Ps. Eikö ookkin hiukset kasvanu!?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MAGAZINE COVER: Si Tanwiboon on Vogue Thailand, February 2013

Model: Si Tanwiboon (Wilhelmina)
Magazine: Vogue Thailand, Febuary 2013
Photographer: Hans Feurer
Stylist: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Unknown

Source: kewkaw @ tfs


ASOS ear cuff { cute other options here & here } | Noir smooth hook taper earrings via StefaniBags | Nasty Gal Camille trench coat | Infinity knot thin gold plated ring & gold plated swallow thin bangle via Goodnight Macaroon | Essie nail polish in "Play Date" | Diamonds & bows ring via HelloFab

Keep on smiling,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MAGAZINE COVER: Vivien Ong on Elle Italia, February 2013

Model: Vivien Ong (Next)
Magazine Cover: Elle Italia, February 2013
Photographer: Alexei Hay
Stylist: Alberto Zanoletti
Hair: Sebastien Le Corroller
Makeup: Kathy Le Sant

Source: Matt Cyruss @ tfs

Today I...


 I just love those jeans and I can't get enough of that cut, but I have to or I'll ruin them in this weather. I walked a lot today in search of a place to shoot, my feet were tired and wet, my hair got frizzy, I was cold and I got moody. Winter sucks for photos, that's the truth! 
I went today to get the photos from my project, (can't wait to make a selection and post them here) and I sat at the pastry shop eating a chocolate croissant (someone's gonna get fat soon); it was just a delicious moment! Those kind of moments that fit in your life perfectly.
Now I am working on some details, so stay tuned for news. 

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Wearing: New Yorker jeans, thrifted sweater and belt, Georgia scarf, Meli Melo bag, random brand coat, MiniPrix boots.

Backpacks & Birthdays

Top. F21 (order up a size)  // Denim. Zara // Shoes. F21 // 
Hat. Urban Outfitters // Backpack. Target //

 Probably my two favorite things right now are camo and neons, so a camo, neon backpack was like a dream come true. 

It's birthday week at our house!! 
My step daughter turns five today (she is growing up way too fast!!) and my b-day is Thursday. Birthday's actually turn into more of a month celebration.....
We may or may not have had homemade cinnamon rolls, ice cream, and pop corn every day this week. 
What can I say we like to party! 

 A special Happy Birthday to Daddy's little princess! 

Look of the Day: Draped

Even though this coat took up half of my luggage space, I haven't regretted taking it with me to Barcelona for a second because wearing it on a chilly day felt like covering with my favorite blanket. Words can't describe how I love snuggly clothes like this. 

On another note, I went shopping with a clear goal to find new black pointy pumps and I was so surprised to see these ones were still in stock. I've been admiring them on other bloggers for the longest time and couldn't help getting the last pair in my size. Maybe they're not the comfiest shoes in the world (the heel feels really high), but they definitely are head turners. I'm also thinking about getting rid of criss-cross straps once I get tired of them.

Have a great day and thank you for reading!

I'm wearing:

Coat - Chicwish
Tee - H&M
Jeans and heels - Zara
Bag - Asos

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Monday, January 28, 2013

AD CAMPAIGN: Liu Wen for Oscar de la Renta, Spring/Summer 2013

Models: Liu Wen (Marilyn) & Caroline Brasch Nielsen (Marilyn)
Ad Campaign: Oscar de la Renta, Spring/Summer 2013
Photographer: Craig McDean
Stylist: Alex White
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Uknown



Kuva - Tommy Ton,

 Tällä hetkellä mun katse kohdistuu kuosiltaan ja väriltään mätsääviin ylä- ja alaosiin. Kevääksi haluisin vain settiä toisen perään. Suurimmilta vaatekriiseiltäkin välttyy, kun kaapissa on asukokonaisuudet valmiina.

Pitää malttaa vielä ja yrittää jaksaa täydentää talvivaatevarastoa, alan jo hiljalleen olla asennoitunut pitkään talveen..