Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This year has been about embracing new things and living in the moment. I wouldn't say as much a New Year's resolution as a change in perspective. We have a hectic life, but my husband and I both have a short attention span, so chaos fits us well. A couple years ago, when we first met, we wrote out our bucket list, things we wanted to do before we die. I was doing a deep clean and found our list [my husband's sentimental and keeps everything, I love it]. One of the big ones on the list was floor seats to a Laker's game. The Heat have probably become more of his favorite team since we wrote the list so a match up against the two was perfect. I was so excited to surprise him, and it didn't disappoint. 

[laker nation - go heat]


[marky mark - crushhhhhh]

[best of the best]

 [gabrielle union]

[lebron threw us his cup!]

You could literally hear everything the players were saying [most of the time cussing out the other team or making up nicknames for them], but it was just a whole different perspective of the game. Cody was in heaven. I tried not to be the creeper snapping pictures of everyone.... we saw Jack Nicholson, Hillary Duff, Queen Latifah, Andy Garcia, Ellen Pompeo, Wayne Brothers, Pat Riley, Floyd Mayweather, and a couple others walked right by us. We got to meet Mark Wahlberg and Gabrielle Union. 
One of the most fun nights ever!

Have you made a bucketlist? 
Which one are you most excited about?