Saturday, March 16, 2013

One windy day


Okay, so I hoped to take some decent outfit pictures the other day, but alas, the weather is incredibly cold! You may see the sun, but the wind was cold as Winter and we froze in like 5 minutes. Can you believe that it snowed the day before last? Yeah..stupid. 
Therefor, these are the only okay photos so I thought they will do. At least I can show you this bag I found on a second hand shop; it's Primark and I love it to pieces, the vintage vibe, the classical design that goes with so many outfits! 
 Oh, and now I wish for warmer days to be able to jog, take pics anytime, go to picnics, not wear jackets anymore and so on.. sdf2 sdf1 sdf6 sdf5 

 Wearing: Takko jacket, Dahlia dress, random brand scarf, thrifted sweater, random brand boots, thrifted Primark bag.