Thursday, May 30, 2013

LOOK TV.....Design School With Nick Verreos, First Videos Up Now: Pattern Making 101, The Quick Sketch, Drawing Croquis!

 Look TV "Design School With Nick Verreos" Videos on YouTube

Recently I filmed a lot of fun--and educational--videos for Look TV, a FABULOUS Fashion & Beauty YouTube Channel. In the past I did some great Project Runway videos for Look TV and they decided it was time to do some more with me, but this time "Design School With Nick Verreos".

 Pattern Making, Quick Sketches and How To Draw a Croquis...With Nick Verreos--Look TV Design School With Nick Verreos

In the videos, I will "teach" and enlighten the Look TV viewers--but in a fun "Nick way"--will discuss topics such as the basics of Fashion Design, Sketching (Fashion Illustrations, Quick Sketching, Croquis Sketching), as well as Draping, Inspiration, Couture, Ready-to-Wear...and so much more!

I will also give some "Nick's Tricks", short-and-sweet videos showing some of my "Nick's Tricks of the Trade" for everyone to use. These "Trick's" will include quick tips on sewing, drawing and much more. We filmed most of the videos at my NIKOLAKI/NV Nick Verreos work studio/atelier in Los Angeles, which the Look TV crew turned into a makeshift design studio...wait, IT IS A Design Studio!

Who's That Behind Me? Nick Verreos get's filmed--Look TV "Design School With Nick Verreos", NIKOLAKI design studio

I'm so EXCITED to announce that the first videos are up now on  Look TV's YouTube Channel---So Check them out! First up:

*Pattern Making for Fashion Design: The Basics

*The Quick Sketch: Design School w/ Nick Verreos, and

*How To Draw Your Own Croquis

Pattern Making for Fashion Design--the Basics/Look TV Design School With Nick Verreos:

The Quick Sketch--Look TV Design School With Nick Verreos: 

Nick's Trick's--How To Draw Your Own Croquis/Look TV Design School With Nick Verreos:

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And LOOK out for more Look TV "Design School With Nick Verreos" Videos!