Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NV NICK VERREOS.....Style Expert Jene Luciani Wears "NV Nick Verreos" on NBC "Today Show", Pics + Video!

 Jene Luciani in NV Nick Verreos: Style expert/TV personality Jene Luciani wore my apple green "NV Nick Verreos" Gemma dress--NBC Today Show

Color Pretty: Style expert Jene Luciani in "NV Nick Verreos" Spring 2013 and NBC's "Today Show" Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman--NBC Today Show

Yesterday...on the "Today Show"...style expert Jene Luciani wore my NV Nick Verreos "Gemma" green draped jersey dress! I was so excited to wake up and see this--Jene was part of a "Today's Style" segment on NBC's "The Today Show"; the segment was "Picking the Perfect Bathing Suit Online"...

Jene Luciani was on--along with "Today Show" anchor Natalie Morales and "Today Show" Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman.

Here are a couple of more screen caps form today's segment and Jene wearing my FABULOUS "Gemma" dress...

Green Gemma Dress, NV Nick Verreos: You can BUY this NV Nick Verreos "Gemma"  dress HERE at Lord and Taylor and HERE at Dillard's

Click Below for video of the NBC "Today Show" segment: