Friday, July 26, 2013

ROYAL COUTURE.....Queen Elizabeth II Norman Hartnell Coronation Gown, Robe, Jewels on Display at new Buckingham Palace Exhibition

The Queen's Coronation Gown and Robe--The Queen's Coronation 1953 Exhibition at the Buckingham Palace 

Tomorrow, a new Royal Exhibition opens in Buckingham Palace entitled The Queen's Coronation 1953 marking the historic event's 60th anniversary which originally occurred on June 2, 1953. What's on display? Lots of Royal "goodies", including Queen Elizabeth II's dazzling Norman Hartnell Coronation Gown, the magnificent 21-foot Ermine-trimmed purple velvet cape/robe that she wore as well as gowns worn by her immediate family and Maids of Honor. This is the first time all these "Coronation Ensembles" have been on display together.

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Portrait

Norman Hartnell gown and purple velvet with Ermine-trimmed Coronation Robe

There are also Royal Diamonds (and other precious jewels) on display:

 Cartier "Halo" tiara

Some of the jewels worn by the royal women are on display, including
the diamond Halo tiara worn by Princess Margaret as well as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother--and later loaned by the Queen to
the Duchess of Cambridge for her wedding in 2011.

 Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, wearing the Cartier "Halo" Tiara

 Catherine, Duchess of Windsor on her wedding day, wearing the Cartier "Halo" tiara

The Coronation Gown:

The breathtaking Norman Hartnell-designed gown donned by the young
monarch on the day she became Queen, along with the
21-foot purple velvet, Ermine-trimmed Coronation Robe are on display at this new exhibition. Queen Elizabeth II's gown incorporated embroidered national and Commonwealth
floral emblems in gold, silver and pastel-colored silks, encrusted
with pearls, crystals and sequins. The robe of estate, worn when the Queen left the Abbey for the
Palace, is of English purple silk-velvet and is more than 21ft (6.5m)

The Queen and Her "Girls"--Queen Elizabeth II and her Maids of Honor--1953 Coronation

It took members of the Royal School of Needlework an incredible 3,500
hours to embroider the Queen's robe. Embroidery details include wheat
ears and olive branches, representing peace and prosperity. In order to get what was probably the school's most important commission
of all time finished for the historic day, the school employed a policy
of "never a seat goes cold", ensuring that embroidery was being done
every minute of the day.

Queen Elizabeth II on her Coronation Day with Prince Charles and Princess Anne--1953

Prince Charles and Princess Anne--Coronation Portraits, 1953--Prince Charles was four and Anne, two years-old

The garments worn by Prince Charles and Princess Anne--"The Queen's Coronation 1953" Exhibition Buckingham Palace

The new Exhibition opens to the public tomorrow, July 27 and runs through September 29. Exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut, from the Royal Collection Trust,
said the Queen toured the exhibition on Wednesday, adding "she seemed
very pleased". I should hope so.