Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SASHES AND TIARAS....Miss China 2013 for Miss World, Wei Wei Yu...Pics, Gowns

Top Three: The new "Miss China 2013" for Miss World (center) Wei Wei Yu; First Runner-up Hui Ning Chen (right); Second Runner-up Yuan Yuan Jiand (left)

Most Beautiful: Miss China 2013 Wei Wei Yu (center) with First Runner-up Hui Ning Chen (right) and Second Runner-up Yuan Yuan Jiand (left)

This past Sunday night were the Finals of "Miss World China 2013" at the Galaxy Soho in Beijing, China. The winner was Contestant No. 8 Wei Wei Yu. The 25 year-old, 1.77 m tall (about 5' 10")  model beat out fourteen other contestants for the top crown.

Winning Contestant: Wei Wei Yu "Miss World China 2013"

The new "Miss World China 2013" is not so new to the beauty pageant scene--or this particular pageant especially. Yu was a contestant in the "Miss World China" pageant in 2009 as well as 2011, where both times, she got the Second Runner-up title (talk about perseverance--the third time WAS the charm!).

 Chinese Beauties: "Miss World China 2013" (left) and "Miss World 2012" Yu Wenxia (right)

The new "Miss World China" was crowned by "Miss World 2012" Yu Wenxia, who incidentally was last year's "Miss China". Wei Wei Yu will now have a chance to do a back-to-back first-ever China win at September's "Miss World 2013" finals in Indonesia.

First and Second Runners-Up: (left to right) First Runner-up Hui Ning Chen--who also won the Top Supermodel title on Sunday as well (I can see why from that photo above!), and Second Runner-up Yuan Yuan Jiand

Model Fab: Wei Wei Yu--"Miss World China 2013" model photos


Tropical Queen: Wei Wei Yu "Miss World China 2013" during the Swimsuit Competition portion of last Sunday's "Miss World China 2013" Finals in Beijing


Couture Diva vs Prom Princess: Wei Wei Yu during two of several "Fashion Portions" of Sunday night's "Miss World China 2013" Finals--which look is your favorite? For me, the one on the left is BY FAR my fave of the two

Contestants in their couture creations "fantasy couture gowns" during the "Miss World China 2013" Finals, Beijing

Congratulations Wei Wei Yu and Good Luck at the Miss World 2013