Friday, August 16, 2013

Patrick Dequina for Mister Mindanao 2013!

Patrick Dequina – Mister Davao City 2013 is the province’s bet for the Mister Mindanao 2013 pageant. By the way, there is a monthly voting for Mister Photogenic Award via facebook via Mister and Miss Mindanao Page. Please support him! His total scores will be added till the coronation ball on December 7, 2013 which is worth P5,000 as a special award and will get the chance to advance to the top 12 semi-finalists of Mister Mindanao 2013.

Here are some words from him:

I am expressing my intentions in joining the search for Mr. Mindanao 2013. My full name is PATRICK LOUIE DARANG DEQUIÑA. My friends fondly call me “P3”. I am a pure Davaoeño – born and raised here in Davao City. My parents are both OFWs in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and we only meet once a year. I have one brother and I currently live with my grandparents and my uncle. Both of my grandparents are part-time Filipino teachers and they are the people whom have guided us in our growth.

Since I was greatly exposed to leadership awards and opportunities in my college life, I can say that one of my greatest strengths is leadership. My positions in clubs and organizations also contributed to my skill in event and manpower management. My experience in debate and tutoring also developed my public speaking skills in front of people. Amidst my skills, there is one aspect that I am not really good at – punctuality. I tend to be late in meet-ups and passing requirements sometimes. I also adopted the culture of CRAMMING which is also a fruit of a punctuality problem. I know that it is not a good habit but I am slowly removing it in my system. I also have a hard time establishing rapport with the people that I don’t know It usually takes me days to open up to new acquaintances.

Last year, I served as a High school Mathematics teacher at St. Therese School of Miarayaon, Inc. under the JVP (Jesuit Volunteers of the Philippines) program. I was assigned at Miarayon, Talakag, Bukidnon which is a far flung barangay at the middle of Mt. Kitanglad and Mt. Kalatungan. Throughout my whole year, I lived with the Parish Priest and lived the ways of the indigenous tribe of the Tala-andig. I can say that I had been taught generosity and simplicity since a city boy was given a chance to live a VERY rural life. I never regretted my volunteering because I have realized many things especially appreciating what I have. Currently, I have no permanent work and will take my MBA next semester. What keeps me busy now are my modelling projects and driving lessons.

I want to join Mr. Mindanao 2013 because I have seen its potential to be an avenue for the youth to show their appreciation to Mindanao culture. Also, I am interested about the projects of the winners because they will serve as ambassadors to advance Mindanao culture appreciation and preservation. Mindanao culture is very bright and rich and it is but worthy to enhance the appreciation of it especially to the youth. Since I am a first-timer in pageants, I also see this as an opportunity to improve myself.