Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ramjie Odin for Mister Mindanao 2013!

Ramjie Odin – Mister Province of Maguindanao 2013 is the province’s bet for the Mister Mindanao 2013 pageant. By the way, there is a monthly voting for Mister Photogenic Award via facebook via Mister and Miss Mindanao Page. Please support him! His total scores will be added till the coronation ball on December 7, 2013 which is worth P5,000 as a special award and will get the chance to advance to the top 12 semi-finalists of Mister Mindanao 2013.

 Here are some words from him:

Most people identify me as a college instructor, researcher, fisheries technologist, emcee to various events, the jack-of -all trades, an achiever. But only few know that I’m also a dreamer…

All my life, I have faithfully dedicated my best to the attainment of my academic and professional achievements. All of these are results of my exemplary performance which earned me the opportunities to attain my goals in life. However, as a dreamer, there is still an urge inside me to reach my full potential as a person. And in order for me to do it, I have to go out of the box and prove new great things that other people thought I couldn’t. Aside from the noble purpose of this Pageant, I’ve been motivated to be among the hopefuls because this can help me finally rediscover and maximize my full potential. The will to win and the desire to succeed… these are my keys that will help me unlock the door to become this year Mister Mindanao. With this I can finally achieve personal excellence and serve utmost purpose of becoming an inspiration to my fellow Mindanaons.

I am Ramjie Odin from the Province of Maguindanao, a proud candidate for the Mister Mindanao 2013.