Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ronel Parba for Mister Mindanao 2013!

Ronel Parba – Mister Mindanao Community of Cebu 2013 is the province’s bet for the Mister Mindanao 2013 pageant. By the way, there is a monthly voting for Mister Photogenic Award via facebook via Mister and Miss Mindanao Page. Please support him! His total scores will be added till the coronation ball on December 7, 2013 which is worth P5,000 as a special award and will get the chance to advance to the top 12 semi-finalist of Mister Mindanao 2013.

 Here are some words from him:

Greetings, Let me introduce myself.

My name is Ronel Parba. I dedicated my whole life to educate myself as a future effective educator, and I turned 23.

I am a graduated and part time teacher at Salazar Colleges of Science and Institute of Technology taking up BS-Secondary Education major in Mathematics and I am Proud as one of the bravest product on this school. I was graduated as a Cardinal Vidal Scholar and was awarded as "Researcher of the Year".

Why did I joined to the Mr. Mindanao? Well, when you get as young and fresh as I am, you’re just about done with competing about the title of achievements in life. I’m also very competent in terms of challenging the world of competition. Not because of my ability but I’ve always been humble, and stay simple facing the people.

One of the most interesting things for me has been meeting people in all different places I’ve visited. In times of distress, you really see how tight each place becomes. If someone is in the trouble, they’re helping out. If someone is lonely, they’re feeling free to mingle. In the calm after the disaster or problems, one thing I was very fond of was connecting with the local organization who helps people who are unfortunate and uneducated people. We’d exchange happiness, so I’d come home with knowledge of how to face all these problems by not losing faith to God and always smile.

That is one goal of mine. I’d love to see people who are very happy and contented of what they have. I’d like to think I’ve done my part, been as useful as possible, and given the best of my abilities while they were sharpest. For now, I’d like to just continue giving advice to younger people and enjoy time with my new friends. I'd love to play DOTA for relaxation. I am fond doing sketching and drawing things.