Saturday, August 17, 2013

Walter Palomaria for Mister Mindanao 2013!

Walter Palomaria, Mister Datu Paglas 2013 (Maguindanao Province) is the province’s bet for the Mister Mindanao 2013 pageant. By the way, there is a monthly voting for Mister Photogenic Award via facebook via Mister and Miss Mindanao Page. Please support him! His total scores will be added till the coronation ball on December 7, 2013 which is worth P5,000 as a special award and will get the chance to advance to the top 12 semi-finalist of Mister Mindanao 2013.
Here are some words from him:
We mean EXCELLENT, therefore we mean MINDANAO.
Assalamu allaykum! (peace be with you). I am Walter-Jabar L. Palomaria,22 from Datu Paglas,province of Maguindanao. A proud product of the University of the Immaculate Conception,Davao City with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Busines Administration major in financial management. I am currently working in a bank.

Actually, this is my first time to join this kind of big event though I joined searches during my schooling but mister mindanao is such a prestige pageant that i ever join. I am 5'9" tall with chubby body. I may not fit as other but I assure you that I have a good heart that I could offer to my fellow Mindanaon. I may not be genuis as other but I have a good mind and heart to listen. I may not be perfect as other but I could be a good model to my fellow Mindanaon.