Saturday, September 21, 2013

Buy Your American Dream Home During Golden Week

Attention Chinese Real Estate Investors:

If you are an investor that is taking advantage of the National "Golden Week" to purchase your "American Dream Home" in California, then contact us to coordinate your visit! At "The Luxe Gen" we specialize in providing VIP Services to help make your stay enjoyable and productive. By planning ahead you will be strategically placed into our Network of "Luxe Lifestyle Partners" who are current, state of the art Luxury Service Providers in the greater San Diego area:

  • Personal Travel Concierge

  • Luxury Automobile Rentals

  • Private Yacht Charter
  • VIP Entertainment Events

We understand the significance of your limited visit and how important it is to work with professionals that are up to date on lifestyle trends, new immigration laws, education systems, health care resources and private real estate opportunities. Join our network today so we can help you find your American Dream Home in California!

The Luxe Gen

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