Saturday, September 21, 2013

Manhunt International Philippines 2012 June Macasaet is Dethroned!

Few  days before the competition in search for the next 
Philippine representative for the 
Manhunt International 2013, 
it is very sad to know that June Macasaet is dethroned.
He is replaced by Cris Edwin Navarro,
last year's first runner up.

Here is the official statement from the Board of Directors:


The board of Prime Events Production Philippines- producer of Manhunt Philippines and Mister International Philippines, discussed yesterday regarding the stand of June Macasaet this coming Manhunt International Philippines 2013, on October 4 at Palacio de Manila. The result of discussion are follows:

1. Since June Macasaet is Manhunt International winner, we are going to dethrone him.

2. Because June Macasaet, doesn't want to sign contract with Prime events Philippines, we don't want to give his remaining prizes. June is not happy with our decision. As a result, we don't gain any cooperation and support from him.

3. Some of potential sponsors of Manhunt Philippines 2013 declined because of him.

4. Manhunt Philippines 2013 is fast approaching, we need FACE of the competition for press presentation, television appearances, sponsorship, website, social media and official activities of the competition, so Cris Edwin Navarro will take over the responsibilities.

5. As far as we know, Manhunt International Organization is aware the situation of June Macasaet in the Philippines.