Friday, October 25, 2013

Defending Jamiel Ventosa, Manhunt Philippines 2013

Lately, Jamiel Ventosa, the recent winner of the male pageant Manhunt International Philippines 2013 is in the spotlight! He has been the subject of left and right bashing due to his surprise win. Pageant fans expected the pageant veteran Rommel Torres to win because he already won the most number of awards.

But mind you, several people also come to his rescue. Even Rommel Torres himself congratulated Jam  saying “you deserved it.”

Now why did Jamiel won?

I guess he was the best choice.

Why? Because he is one of the tallest candidates. Since his pageant will still be next year, he can still improve himself. Let’s face it, crowd favorites Rommel Torres and Renz Maun are both handsome but they are not tall enough. If we put them side by side with the amazon candidates of Brazil, Spain or Venezuela – these guys will fade in comparison.

I remember Carishiela Kujipers who joined Binibining Pilipinas 2009. She was one of the prettiest faces. But she missed the cut. Because she was small. Her beauty fades in the bevy of girls who were taller than her. Rommel and Renz, while equally handsome, might also be lost in the legion of taller candidates. We need candidates like Jamiel who could stand proud side by side by his rivals from other countries. His height will be his might.

Karl Matthew, a model friend of Jam, defended him saying: “with regards naman to looks, assets, built, performances, willingness, height, brain, attitude, tingin ko po na kay jam lahat yun, kasi po sa totoo lang di mhirap pakisamahan c jam, of all models n nakasama ko sa mga show, Jam is a leader to us, he is very humble yet simple.. Kaya naman nararapat lang sa kanya yun title.”

Now we know why….