Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mr. Lotus 2013 Controversy

I just could not explain it. I saw several updates about the Mr. Lotus 2013 but I didn’t feel the drive to blog about the pageant. By the way, this pageant, dubbed as “Battle of Campus Crushes,” was a search for pretty Caviteño's from 16-22 years of age.

 While I have already decided not to blog about the pageant, a recent event prompted me to change my mind. This is about their highly criticized Q and A portion with a candidate who ended up as first runner up in the contest. My source gave me this text:

Q: Ano ang mas nauna itlog o manok?

The contestant answered:
Syempre itlog po,sino po ba ang naunang tao sa mundo?
Di ba si Adan at si Eva,ano meron kay Adan? Di ba itlog? Un po.

The contestant ended up as a first runner up.  My take on the issue. While the decision of the judges is always final and irrevocable, I wonder how did the judges rate the contestant’s answer. While the answer was very witty, it was very, very wrong. While he wanted to ground his answer on Biblical grounds, it fell short! Because in the story of Creation, it is very clear that the chicken came first. God first created the animals before He created the first man. Adam was only created on the 6th day when everything has been created.

Therefore, the answer is obviously very wrong. Perhaps the judges did not know about it. Or that they were aware of it and gave him a low score, thus the first runner up.

This blog is open to the explanation of the organizers…only, if they have the balls to answer it.