Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hari Ng Dabaw 2014 Contestant Guidelines

Hari ng Dabaw will be an annual event taking part on every March of the year along side with the celebration of Araw ng Dabaw. The pageant is joined by men from the different parts of the Davao Provinces.


a) The Candidate must be 18 years old and must not exceed by 24 years old by January 5, 2014.
b) The Candidate must be at least 5’8” tall.
c) The Candidate must have pleasing personality, good looks, bodily fit, and also able to understand directions in Tagalog, Visaya and English.
d) The Candidate should be a bachelor or unmarried.
e) The Candidate must not be part of any scandalous videos.


a) The Candidate must secure an authentic NSO or authentic birth certificate to certify his age and real name. He must also secure two (2) photo copies of his NSO or birth certificate.
b) The Candidate must also pass three (3) 4R size photos of him with the following: One Close-Up, one whole body photo – topless, one whole body photo – casual.
c) The Candidate will then fill up an entry form of the competition signed by himself.

Online Pre- Screening

Hari ng Dabaw will have an online screening. The online screening is made to make the actual screening less hard work. Those who passed the online screening will be called for call backs for the actual screening on key cities: Tagum City, Digos City, and Davao City.
a.1) The aspiring candidate is asked to submit two (2) HR photos and complete the information and message it to the official facebook page of Hari ng Dabaw, The information will be vital especially for call backs.

Actual Screening

In the actual screening, the aspiring candidates will fill up a form at the site of the screening. Those who have not took part of the Online Pre- Screening can still join the Actual Screening. They will also bring the requirements enlisted above during the actual screening. They are asked to do ramp in front of the panel. The aspirant will have a casual interview with the panel. Twelve up to fifteen (12 – 15) candidates will be chosen from the actual screening from each of the key cities. A total of forty-five 45 contestants will be chosen to proceed for the preliminaries.


There are three preliminaries to be held on the three key cities mentioned. The fifteen candidates are to compete to be at the top 5 from these preliminaries. The top 5 will then proceed to the Finals on March 2014.
In the preliminaries, the candidates are to undergo pictorials, make-over from partners, and a preliminary show.
a) Preliminary Pictorials. During the preliminary the contestants will be having a photo shoot. They will be wearing their swim wears and creative wears. The swim wear will be a board shorts, above knee and must not ensemble a bikini or alike. The creative wear must also be at least a shorts, it should not exceed six inches (6”) above the knee level. Failure to comply with the rules with the wears will be subject to point deductions.
b) Make-over. The forty-five candidates will have a make-over from partner salon and beauty shops.
c) Preliminary People’s Choice. After the pictorial, the photos will be posted at the facebook page of Hari Ng Dabaw. The candidates are to promote their photos if they want to win People’s choice. The people’s choice will receive a prize during the Preliminary Show.
d) Preliminary Show. There will be a preliminary show held at each of the key cities. Here, the fifteen candidates from the actual screenings will face. They will be taking part on the following: (d.1) an onstage casual interview, (d.2) presentation of Swim wear – ramp, (d.3) presentation of Creative wear – ramp, and (d.4) semi formal wear – ramp before the announcing of Top 5. The Top 5 will receive prizes during the Preliminary show.
e) Criteria for Judging. 25.0% Q&A, 25.0% Looks and Body, 15.0% Creative Wear, 15.0% Swim Wear, 15.0% Semi Formal Wear, and 5.0% Online Votes. For a total of 100.0%.
A total of fifteen (15) candidates will proceed to the Finals on March 2014 along side with the celebration of the Araw ng Dabaw in Davao City.


The Final Fifteen (15) are to compete for the finals to be held at Davao City on March 2014 along side with the celebration of the Araw ng Dabaw 2014, where one of them will win the throne of Hari ng Dabaw 2014.

The Finalists are to undergo series of events before the final night.

a) Pictorials. The finalists will undergo two pictorials, one will be for their swim wear and casual wear, and the other is their formal wear. The swim wear will then be again a board shorts, above knee and must not ensemble a bikini or alike. The Casual Wear will depend on the theme to be provided days before the pictorials will be done. The formal wear will be provided by partner designers from Davao Region. The formal wear photo shoot will also be the basis on choosing the Mr. Photogenic.
b) Presentation of Top 15 Finalists. The finalists will then be presented to the sponsors and media partners by a special dinner held at one of our sponsor’s restaurant.
c) Online Votes. After the Pictorials, the finalists’ photos will then be released online. Finalists will then be asked to promote their photos because it will be part of the criteria for judging. Online Votes will cover 10.0% of the Final Criteria.
d) Ramp Modeling Workshop. Jack Academy Management and Events will be giving a Ramp Modeling workshop to help the finalists improve their ramp skills and walk better during the final show.
e) Make-over. Before the final show, the finalist will have their final make-over/grooming by our partner salon and beauty shop to prepare them for their big night.
f) Practices. During the ramp modeling workshop, the finalists will be told of some schedules for the final show.
g) The Final Show. During the Final Show there will be Question and Answer, Presentation of Wears, and Awarding of Minor Prizes. The Hari ng Dabaw will also be named during this time. There will be three (3) runner-ups. The 1st runner-up will be the Datu ng Kakisigan, which will take over to the Hari ng Dabaw in case the winner can’t fulfill his duties due to death, dethronement, issues on duties, or withdrawal. The 2nd runner-up will be the Datu ng Karunungan, and the 3rd Runner-up will be the Datu ng Kalikasan.
h) Criteria for Judging. Back to Zero. The scores and ranking during the preliminaries will not affect the scores during the finals. 10.0% Online Votes, 30.0% Question and Answer, 30.0% Looks and Body, 10.0% Swim Wear, 10.0% Creative Wear, 10.0% Formal attire. For a total of 100.0%.