Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mister Belgium: Where Did He Go Wrong?

In the epic battle of gorgeous hunks this year at the Mister International 2013, it is surprising that several favorites ended up nowhere in the top 16. It was a super-surprise that Mister Belgium was shut down from the list of finalists. To think, he was the most experienced among the candidates, having been in Manhunt 2011 where he ended up second runner up. He was also in Mister World 2012 where he was among the top 10 finalists.  Early this year, he was first runner up in Mister Universe Model 2013. Among the pageant sites, this is his ranking: Events2images Blog, he was top 7; Ang Haraya Blog, he was top 16; Pageantbuff blog listed him top 4; Sash Factor put him into top 10; Starmometer had him on top 6; Philippine pageant historian Joseph Vitug listed him top 1. Meaning, he is being noticed and is receiving good reviews!

Thus, It is surprising that he did not even enter into the top 16. We could only speculate why. He made a very good impression in L-Men video and is a favorite of many netizens. A friend told me that he looked more competitive and in more impressive body shape during his Manhunt stint. Partly true, but only the judges can actually tell us why he was shut out of the finals.

The blog Male Pageants in the Philippines wishes him luck in his future endeavors. It’s not yet the end of the world for Gianni. I believe more opportunities will come in his door, and he will still end up victorious in his own battles. Thank you Gianni for making us a part of your pageant journey.
P.S. I hope that Gianni will read this post. I have one wish though: a fan sign with the description:
#Laboyboy Batang Blogero