Saturday, November 30, 2013

SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Earth 2013 "Evening Gown Final Competition" Review Part Two: The "Uh Oh/Oh No She Didn't!" Gowns!

 GURL!!!! Evening Gown NOT--Miss Sierra Leone Mariatu Dukuray and Miss Chinese Taipei Lyu Ying Li wore some Evening Gown "Uh Oh's!"--Miss Earth 2013 Evening Gown Final Competition

All Photos Courtesy of Miss Earth Pageant Facebook

As you read in my last post, the 2013 Miss Earth beauty pageant is happening and last night was the Evening Gown Final Competition--one of the important preliminary contests in the calendar for the finals coming up on December 7th...

 Looks Like Someone Already Has a Crown--Miss Chile, Miss Chinese Taipei and Miss Colombia compete in the 2013 Miss Earth Evening Gown Final Competition

 I've already discussed the Best Gowns HERE so now, it's time to talk about the "Uh Oh!"/What Were You Thinking" group...

Miss Colombia Diana Ortegon--Oh No!! What Downtown L.A. dress shop did Diana get this from? I think she is so beautiful, why did she go there with this Cray-Cray gown? There's just too mucheey and too tacky-licious. Scheherazade Reno Vegas Casino Review Called...and they want their costume back.

Miss Germany Caroline Noeding--On the opposite end of Too Mucheey is this: Miss Germany. Caroline looks like a very pristine and precious Paris Hilton; before the fame and craziness. She could have done much better but somehow, she went the 1986 Prom Dress route. This, simply, is a NO.

Miss Israel Maria Abboud--Maria's evening gown choice was perplexing to me; it looks more like a negligee--or a maxi dress to be worn at a Cabo vaca dinner at "Señor Frog's" with strappy sandals.  I just don't get it.

Miss South Africa Gloria Karsis--Gloria wore a pink strapless gown with a high side opening/slit, uneven tulle gathering at the torso and shredded organza and feathers (I think) at the skirt. It's messy, a bit cheap-looking, and too much like something that should be at the top of a cheesy wedding cake.

Miss Bahamas Vandia Sands--This gown choice would have been fine didn't have all the exposed cut-outs and the slit and the straps galore...and if she would not have worn it with those Lucite gold "Stripper" platform heels. I love the multicolored sequin work, but that's about it.

Miss Wales Angharad James--Angharad (love her name!) wore a white gown with nude illusion torso section with silver "Christmas-like" icicle accents. let me repeat: Christmas Icicles. Uh Oh!

Miss Ecuador Ana Maria Weir--Ana Maria wore a coral colored hi-lo strapless gown that was all things (slightly) cheap and (slightly) tacky. The "hi" part was too high, the fabric looks like polyester and she styles it with those silver "Stripper" platform heels. Two words: No Mija!

Miss Sierra Leone Mariatu Dukuray--Oh Mariatu, I really want to like you...however, this gown choice is one of the most tasteless things I have ever seen. The style, the cheap red lace, the white lace, the exposed body...the crystal-encrusted platform heels. Imagine an actress at the Academy awards wearing this. Yep, that's right, it would not be a good day. On a good note: that hair is so "Princess Amidala Star Wars" Fab!

Miss Chinese Taipei Lyu Ying Li--God Bless Lyu Ying Li for A) Wearing a tiara crown even though she hasn't been crowned the winner of anything yet; B) Wearing a teal strapless Prom Dress from 1989; C) Featuring black platform heels that do not go with this dress; and D) Smiling thought it all.

Miss Indonesia Nita Sofiani--Nita gets the prize for most "unique" evening gown--her look featured a sequined-and-chiffon overdress with one long sleeve, sculptured shoulder and high neck. Oh and yes, then there were stretch sequined leggings. With CAMELTOE. And finally, those too-high golden platform shoes. Where do I begin? On a good note, she's so pretty. And on a similar note: why did she need to wear this mess?