Monday, December 9, 2013

Are you Ready for the 50 Hottest in 2013 Philippine Male Pageants?

The vision of this blog is to bring all Philippine male pageants together. And so, we are coming up with the 50 Hottest in 2013 Philippine Male Pageants. We have gathered/covered/researched all the male pageants in the country and abroad, and trimmed down the more than thousand hopefuls into tough/top 50 hottest.

The top 50 will be posted in our fb page MALE PAGEANTS IN THE PHILIPPINES. The netizens may click whoever they like should be declared ultimately the hottest among the 50 gorgeous hunks. Facebook likes comprise 50% of the total score. Thus, the highest in facebook likes shall receive 50 points; the second – 49 points; the 3rd – 48 points, and so on.

The remaining 50 % shall be taken from the average rate given by 5 other judges which we shall announce this month.

Facebook likes will run until January 18. After that, we shall reveal the 11thto 50th spot. Thus the remaining top 10 will be subjected to another round of voting. Our 5 judges will determine who will win the HOTTEST IN 2013 PHILIPPINE MALE PAGEANTS.

The winner shall receive a trophy from this blog and it will be sent to the winning candidate via LBC.

The decision of the judges is final and irrevocable.