Monday, December 2, 2013

Flowers in december


 Proudly wearing my new favorite necklace - couldn't be more colorful and sparkly, I know - paired with my fluffy angora sweater and beret, just a perfect start for this month! All that was missing was snow, although I am not really looking forward to it just yet..
 Everything fit together when we made these photos, it was quite late and cold and I was almost certain that it was already too late for a photo shooting, but when we saw this beautiful sunset light, it took no more second thoughts and about ten minutes and made the impossible happen! Too bad the sun went so fast and it was already so cold, we would've love to play a little more.
Okay.. now I need to find my courage and get to work..Listening to Nouvelle Vague and drinking mint tea seems the best option for me right now.

  snw1snw7 snw0 snw6 snw4 snw5 snw2

Wearing: thrifted sweater, bag and beret, necklace bought at a fair, selfmade skirt, Deichmann boots, H&M rings.

Photos by Ada Mocanu

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