Monday, December 23, 2013

In colder pastels

 It's really weird for me to dress up like this in December! For the past few days it feels more like a rainy warm Spring. In a way I prefer this to the snow and unbearable cold, but Christmas is approaching, and I am almost done decorating, but that cozy, specific Christmas spirit is missing.. Now I realise I could never live in Florida, South America or L.A. in this period of time!
 Even so, I choose to wear cold pastels, and you know, I created the outfit based on that bag (which resembles the Celine Phantom bag a bit) and I just love that moment when I see how everything just fits together!

  we6we9 we5 2 we8 we7 Wearing: no name sweater, vintage skirt and belt, Sheinside necklace, Leonardo boots, no name bag.