Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Presenting the Top 50 Hottest in 2013 Philippine Male Pageantry! Vote Now!

Our blog has covered a hundred and one male pageants from around the country and several men have represented us in international pageants. Indeed, this archipelago is teeming with the best of gorgeous young men. For the first time in Philippine male pageants, we gathered the top 50 hottest. I have 5 other judges who scrutinized the thousand Pinoys who took part in male pageants and decided who are the top 50 who stood out.

Check out our top 50 and please like the candidate/s who in your opinion should be given the title THE HOTTEST IN 2013 PHILIPPINE MALE PAGEANTS.


Aeron Cruz (Top Hunks 2013)
Allen Manucot (Manhunt International Philippines 2013)
Allen Molina (Cabanatuan Bikini Open 2013)
Alvin de Joya (Mister Asia 2013)
Anton Tanhueco (Mister Criminology 2013)
Archie Manalili (Hari ng Pilipinas 2013)
Ariel Abracero (Hari ng Pilipinas 2013)
Benjie Nuevaespana (Mister Global Tourism Philippines 2013)
Billy Villeta (Mister International Philippines 2013)
Bon Edouard Quinto (Mister International Philippines 2013)

Cedrick Evan Vergonia (X Bodyshots 2013)
Cepter Al-Miguel Maniclang (Mister Sexy Manila 2013)
Chy Isias (Ginoong Filipinas 2013)
Clyde Gail Magalso (King of Cebu 2013)
Elvin Tiel (Mister Beach Body Aklan 2013)
Gil Wagas (Mister International Philippines 2013)
Jake Soriano (Mister Mindanao 2013)
Jamiel Ventosa (Manhunt International Philippines 2013)
Jean Royette Osio (Mister Rizal 2013)
Jeffrey Sanchez (Mister International Philippines 2013)

Jeffrey Toriente (Mister Rodeo Masbateňo 2013)
Jimmy Dionisio (Mister Subic 2013)
John Edward Tan (Mister Chinatown Philippines 2013)
John Martin Nazareth (Hari ng CALABARZON 2013)
Jonas Mariano (Ginoong Filipinas 2013)
Jose Maglasang (King of Cebu 2013)
Junichi Larong Yabushita (King of Cebu 2013)
Justin Hizon (Manhunt International Philippines 2013)
King Mark Alcaraz (Ginoong Filipinas 2013)
Kirby Nuestro (Top Hunks 2013)

Kristian Sarmiento (Mister Quezon 2013)
Mark Anthony Beltran (Manhunt International Philippines 2013)
Marky Fernando (Ginoong Filipinas 2013)
Matt Darantinao (Mister Global Tourism Philippines 2013)
Melvin Carbungco (Asia-Pacific Bikini Summit 2013)
Myles Palisoc (Ginoong Filipinas 2013)
Niňo Allain de Ocampo (Mister Global Tourism Philippines 2013)
Randy See Cailles (Mister Chinatown Philippines 2013)
Renz Maun (Manhunt International Philippines 2013)
Rhon Capalad (Mister Global Tourism Philippines 2013)

Richard Solano (Mister Subic 2013)
John Riez Fil (Dagupan Bangus King 2013)
Roland William de Dios (Mister Campus World 2013)
Rommel Torres (Manhunt International Philippines 2013)
Ronnie Rocero (Cagayan’s Next Top Model)
Stefan Dorschner (Mister Global Tourism Philippines 2013)
Themothy Schneider (Cabanatuan Bikini open 2013)
Troy Cuizon (Mister International Philippines 2013)
VJay Relova (Ginoong Filipinas 2013)
Wilfred Placencia (Mister International Philippines 2013)

The top 50 will be posted in our fb page MALE PAGEANTS IN THE PHILIPPINES. The netizens may click whoever they like should be declared ultimately the hottest among the 50 gorgeous hunks. Facebook likes comprise 50% of the total score. Thus, the highest in facebook likes shall receive 50 points; the second – 49 points; the 3rd – 48 points, and so on.

The remaining 50 % shall be taken from the average rate given by 5 other judges which we shall announce this month.

Facebook likes will run until January 18. After that, we shall reveal the 11thto 50th spot. Thus the remaining top 10 will be subjected to another round of voting. Our 5 judges will determine who will win the HOTTEST IN 2013 PHILIPPINE MALE PAGEANTS.

The winner shall receive a trophy from this blog and it will be sent to the winning candidate via LBC.

The decision of the judges is final and irrevocable.