Tuesday, January 21, 2014

J.Crew Showdown: Pixie Versus Minnie

A few JCAs have recently inquired about the fit of J.Crew's Pixie Pant (item 31090; $98.00) and its close clothes cousin, the Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill (item 18850; $89.50). I thought it might be worthwhile having a dedicated post where we could all give our personal experiences with both pants.

Personally, I love, love, love the Pixie Pant and hate, hate, hate the fit of the Minnie. Let me start with the Pixie... I find they are true to size. With a pear shape frame, I am always conscientious of my bottom half's appearance. The Pixie's heavyweight ponte fabric does a great job of holding everything together, showing off a slim form, and retaining shape (even after long periods of wear and wash). The elastic waist is super comfortable, especially when I eat too much. ;) The back zip & eye hook closure are slightly annoying to close. However, my work around to this is that I can actually slide up the pants with it all zipped/closed up. Lastly, length... The regular size is crazy long. I am 5'8", and I had to go with "short". They hit perfectly at the ankle. I can't imagine how long the "tall" version is.

Minnie Pants... The fit was off for me. I could see how some JCAs could size down in them. They did not feel like they could retain their shape after long periods of wear for me. Also, the side zipper did not work for my pear shape frame. The way the zipper rumpled on the one side of my body made me feel lumpy. The view from behind didn't help my self esteem either. I just didn't feel held in. I wanted them to work out (because they were cheaper than the Pixie), but they just didn't for me. However, I do think those with perfectly shaped bottoms would do well in these.

Which pant do you prefer: the Pixie or the Minnie? What is your take on the pants? If you had to recommend one pant to a fellow JCA, which one would it be?