Wednesday, January 22, 2014

J.Crew’s Spring 2014 Collection

We got a look into what J.Crew was planning to offer for Spring 2014 in last September's "First Look at J.Crew’s Spring / Summer 2014 Collection" post. Considering Spring is right around the corner, let's take another look at what we expect to see from J.Crew...

"Thanks!" to ShoeLove (in this post) who let us know that has an article about the upcoming Spring Collection as well as slideshow of 30 individual looks (click here to check it out).
Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear J.Crew
By Maya Singer
September 10, 2013

Think "summer" and the mind will instantly unpack a handful of stock images: surfers, girls in bikinis, cutoffs, spaghetti-strap sundresses. Summer is the casual season. But as J.Crew's Tom Mora noted at today's presentation, 'twas not ever thus. Though the latest Crew womenswear collection was inspired, in part, by California surf culture, Mora got somewhere richer and stranger by strapping that reference to a theme of summer on the Venice Lido, circa the turn of the twentieth century. "Back then, going to the beach meant dressing up," he pointed out. "It was very polished."

With that in mind, Mora and company gave the signature J.Crew punchy aesthetic a soigné twist, with pieces like a trim floral neoprene skirt with a ruffle and articulating seams, or a ruffled white minidress of varied eyelets. The clothes weren't fussy—that would be a breach of Crew protocol—but they did express some formality. Still, some of the other standout pieces expressed exactly the opposite, like the paint-splattered army green khakis sure to be on many an editor's must-have list for Spring. Also on that list: a pair or two of the Sophia Webster for J.Crew heels that made their debut at the presentation. Mora's pick? An orange pair, dotted with stars. 
The following are some of the images with a bit of commentary.
 * Looks like a pastel sack of potatoes. The slit in the front also would make me self-conscious about sitting down. Just looking at this makes me uncomfortable.
 *I love the jacket & clutch!
 * Reminds me of the 80's. Not sure why.
 * Here we go with the splattered paint khakis. You know these are going to cost a fortune.
 * All the pieces are fine, just not crazy about them together.
 * Pretty!
* Looks lovely on the model. However, those pants are tricky to pull off (for me, anyways). 
 * This dress makes me think of something Charo would wear. My goodness it is short too. Crazy short. Honestly, this does not seem like J.Crew.
 * Love this whole look.
* The girly-girl in me just squealed at the sight of this skirt. I have no where to wear this beauty, but it is a beauty.
 * Ah, the warm coat and shorts look is back too. The heels seem misplaced too.
 * Am I suppose to see a dolphin if I stare at it long enough?
 * It is so nice to see trousers! I hope this style is making a comeback!!! Also, love the whole look (minus the Jenna frames).
* She looks great!
 * I love the length of this dress! However, the neckline is low by J.Crew standards. (Fashion tape anyone?)
 *Ugh. Everything here is so short!
 *Love the skirt. The shirt is crazy short. Is J.Crew doing midriff tops now? Or is the model so tall that this is what regular tops look on her?
 * Jacket: yes! Jumpsuit (??!): No.

What are your thoughts on the items slated for the upcoming seasons? Are you a fan of the overall collection? Are there certain pieces you are really excited (or questioning) about? ;)