Friday, January 31, 2014

Neon Trends in Home Decor #HomeLuxuries

Implementing the "Neon" Trend into Home Decor

Neon colors have not only been trending in fashion, beauty and accessories. These bright and bold shades of neon are now making its way into the home. Neon home decor offers a splash of novelty and brightens spaces adding a visual stimulating effect.


Does your home decor need a little pick me up? Have you been looking for the perfect way to add a splash of color and livliness to your home decor?


Neon decor can be used in conjunction with any interior design theme when used properly. Adding unexpected twists to your home decor that surprisingly works.


Our Pinterest Board: Design Trend: Neon Inspirations features hundreds of ideas to help inspire a burst of neon somewhere in your home!

Where are Neon Colors Appropriate?

Artist and Interior Designers have long understood how color can affect moods, feelings and emotions. Often used as a powerful communication tool color is light and light is energy. 


Neons tend to be happy colors that can stimulate or excite ones mood. If you are hesitant about these colors and not really sure if it could work for you then I recommend starting in one of your "fun" rooms. The baby nursery, outdoor living areas, or the playroom are great places to add a pop of color. 


If you are ready to dive into this trend with no holding back then try the kitchen, living room, or bathroom! 

Tips for Decorating with Neons


  • Consider incorporating one or two neon accessories to start: throw pillows, candles, flowers, art work, etc. 
  • Pace yourself, a little bit of neon goes a long way
  • Paint a door or door jam in a bright neon color
  • Use a large piece of furniture as the focal point

  • 1. Bright Yellow Chairs
  • 2. Neon Artwork
  • 3. Neon Throw Pillows
  • 4. Ampersand Art






Gray also compliments bright neons well. Try gray, neon pink and neon yellow in the girls rooms.

Black, White and Neutrals Pair Well with Neons




Mix it up for the boys with neon green or neon blue and gray. 


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