Friday, January 10, 2014

Sexy Man Rommel Torres

Suddenly, I remembered Rommel Torres – the winner of Manhunt Nueva Ecija last year who garnered many special awards in the national pageant but was not very lucky to win the title. Come to think of it, that has been his fate. He joined several male pageants prior to the Manhunt International Philippines and he always went home with award or awards only. In Sexiest Man in the City 2011, for example, he was awarded Sexiest in Swimwear. While a favorite from the beginning, he also ended as a clapper in the end. It’s hard to point out what seemed to be wrong for this guy. But it’s simply it: he was not the lucky one.

Sexiest Man in the City 2011 was won by Louie Favila. Gabriel Angelo Baldon and Shaun Gabriel Tan were first runner up and second runner up, respectively.