Monday, January 27, 2014

That lonesome sound of Winter

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 Winter came along with that specific silence and serenity which is lovely for the time being. Better even when you stay inside the house, not get your feet wet and not wishing for a hot drink every five minutes. But oh well, we have to deal with it, yes? After all, there is no place in Romania without at least a week of snow, so we were expecting a Winter Wonderland sooner or later. 
How do you like my new cape and skirt? I loved them the first minute I saw them on MiniPrix website and I thought they would be a perfect pair, and they are! And of course, the were on happy me! I felt so great wearing it because it has a great fabric and it keeps me warm and at the same time it felt so light on me. And the skirt that wrapped my body amazingly and again, felt very comfortable.
Hope you are not stuck in snow, people! After all, Monday needs our hatred.

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Wearing: MiniPrix cape and skirt, thrifted sweater, Primark bag, Bershka boots, vintage belt, thrifted hat.