Wednesday, February 5, 2014

4th Hottest in 2013 Philippine Male Pageants

#4 - Allen Molina (Cabanatuan Bikini Open 2013)
Score: 46.4 + 43 =89.4

Make way for Allen Molina, he occupies the 4thspot in the 50 Hottest in 2013 Philippine Male Pageants. There are only very few pageants, I could count them with my fingers, that he did not won. 95% of the male pageants he joined in he always ended up winning. Not to mention, he was also one of the few male pageant candidates in 2013 whose face is really marketable. If he could improve his craft, not only in terms of undressing himself on the ramp, I am sure this young man will still go miles. More victories for Allen in 2014!