Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5th Hottest in 2013 Philippine Male Pageants

#5 - Cepter Al-Miguel Maniclang (Mister Sexy Manila 2013)
Score: 40.4 + 49 = 89.4

Cepter Al-Miguel Maniclang occupies the 5thspot in the 50 Hottest in Philippine Male Pageants. Male pageant followers know Cepter to be a very active pageant  veteran whose winning streak stretched from his Ginoong Filipinas victory many, many years ago until now. While many of his Ginoong Filipinas contemporaries faded in the horizon, he continued to stand his ground and proved that he could still be the last man standing in many, many bikini pageants he joined in. No wonder, he made it to the top 5.