Saturday, February 1, 2014

Because I love to brag..


 Ending the month by buying a coat on sale seems a pretty good deal to me. And since I love to brag, here are some stuff I took home with me during this sale season. And I still ahve some items on my list. But a new month has started, a new project may arrive, one last exam to take and maybe old wishes to fulfill. I need to keep myself busy, otherwise the temptations (of shopping of course) become way too high!

 Zara flare pants (from an outlet) - can't wait for Spring and Summer to wear them!

 A very very very cute vintage bag. The leather is so soft and amazing!

 One no name necklace found in a local shop. Simply elegant and didn't cost a fortune.

 Bershka boots - you may have seen them in my previous posts.


 Sheinside blazer. Don't you just love the print? I am even more more fascinated by the silky fabric.

Anyway, that's about it guys.
Have a lovely weekend!!